A 7 Days Retreat in the Lap of Himalayas !

Reclaim your Inner Fabulousness + Zest for Life

Jijivisha is a tranquil heaven for stressed out professionals to rediscover and nurture their calm, peaceful, self-confident and fabulous inner-beings so that they fully thrive and flourish!

In ancient India, holistic living was a way of life. People inherently understood the balance of nature, the ways of the universe and how the elements affected not just their physical health, but also their mental wellbeing.

It was understood that if they achieved harmony within, they would be at peace with their surroundings. As the world changed, so did we; but deep within us we have always upheld those beliefs and principles.

That was the philosophy which brought JIJIVISHA in the Himalayas into being. My idea was to bring together the ancient remedies, practices, and the deep rooted wisdom of Indian culture and blend them all with the best of international practices.

The idea was to offer a cohesive program for everyone who would attend the retreat. Our locations serve as an inspiration to bring alive the wellness destination & results that I had in mind.

If you are somebody in transition who’s yearning to find renewed joy, purpose and passion, gain more clarity, confidence and power, and come away with a plan to embrace your fabulous new life, then join us on this fabulous journey.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling…

Overwhelmed, undermined, unmotivated or subconsciously sabotaging yourself?

Don’t fret, through guided meditations, journaling & activities in nature we’ll sort it out!

Can’t seem to figure out why you keep repeating the same life pattern?

Pleased to help, through family constellation we will get to the root of the problem.

Having troubles finding a way to eat healthy and delicious food?

Not a problem, we’ll engage in a healthier and yummy method together!

Have desired to meditate but didn’t know how or how to keep it up?

We’ll show you the way & our daily practice will help you keep it up back home.

Always wanted to do yoga, but thought you couldn’t handle it?

We’ll show you an easy technique you can implement and carry on long after you are home.

There are a multitude of factors that disturb good health and wellness; environmental pollutions and oxidative stress or trauma contribute to the onset and progression of illness in life. JIJIVISHA is the crucial first step towards wellness, that helps you combat these factors. Here you proactively work towards the wellness of your soul, mind and body, as we provide you with the right environment to heal from all the negative irritants in your day to day life.

Incorporating a diverse range of natural therapies, regular movement and mindfulness practices, this Holistic Wellbeing Program will guide you on your journey to self-discovery, empowering you to unlock your own body’s natural abilities to self-heal.

This retreat focuses on energy medicine, cognitive behavioural therapy, yoga, dance, and fitness regimen which help surge the body’s healing potential and promote the flow of good chi. Even the meditation and breathing exercises you partake will work towards calming the mind, improving sleep patterns, and restoratively healing you.

If you are looking for techniques to manage stress with improved diet and ideal lifestyle choices, while enhancing both your emotional wellbeing and spiritual detoxification, then the JIJIVISHA accurately equips you with the right healing tools to do so!

As the sun sets on the surrounding in Devabhoomi, you gaze in awe, and you see why this land has long been regarded as a place of spiritual pilgrimage.

Away from the city, you soon realize all that rushing around has blinded you from the beauty around you. You begin to notice the trees gently swaying in the wind and the birds soaring high in the sky.

You close your eyes and you hear a soft whisper – “You can have a life you desire. You can have it and be there for everyone else. They will wait. It’s ok to slow down -you deserve a rest. Now embrace the wonder around you.”

You remove your shoes and feel the cool grass under your bare feet touching Mother Earth. A deep red rose catches your eye and you lean over to drink in the intoxicating aroma.

Ahh yes, when you’re with us time stands still and you are gently nudged to savour each and every delicious moment.

When you’re in circle with your new friends learning the primal dance, you feel a rush of excitement and deep reverence as you connect to your lost spiritual legacy.

As you dance and sway, you feel an exhilarating primal beat flow through your body while calming your mind. As you are using your right and left hands and legs to move, you are stimulating the brain which helps produce the happy endorphins. Dancing is medicine and it makes you smarter!

How would you like to have time to try something new that energizes you, feeds your soul and creates a rhythmic bond with the others?

On this retreat we’ll be teaching the “Primal Dance Technique” . Dancing puts you in the present moment, releases negative feelings, releases endorphins, creates community and a deep connection with the group. What could be better!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to embrace this transition in your life so you can feel happy, vibrant and full of purpose with support from people around you?

While we are together, you will journey through our Four Steps to Transformation. With a deep insight into your limiting beliefs and the support of your co-participants, you’ll have the courage to release old patterns, make choices that empower you and have a plan for implementing the changes for when you get home.

How would it feel to have the insight and wisdom to live a more fulfilling life?

On our retreat through deep relaxation, rest, guided meditation, CBT, energy healing, journaling yoga and fitness routine, you’ll release all that no longer serves you so you can live fully in the present.

Ready to set healthy boundaries and believe in your own worthiness?

During our time together you will sort through your feelings, values and motives and separate what is truly important to you from what is insignificant. You’ll learn to say no with grace and exercise choice. You can gain power and remain a compassionate person. I know you can!

By the end of this retreat you’ll feel relaxed, renewed, passionate and full of joy. Through a golden transformation both inner and outer, you’ll re-emerge radiant, sensual and confident, with a strong sense of being deeply loved and a daily plan to embrace the next exciting phase of your life.

I’m swooning!!

Normal price: ₹75000

Your price: ₹50,000 (for a limited time)

The Benefits

What to expect on this sacred journey! During our time together, you’ll learn how to:

Deepen Your Intuition – so you can trust your inner wisdom and be confident saying no -with the utmost grace of course!

Love Your Body Again– so you can feel comfortable – no matter what size you are, and feel sensual and desirable again.

Align with Your Soul’s Purpose – so you can truly get in touch with your deepest desires and put yourself first for a change.

Develop Deep Meaningful Relationships – so you can feel the support and trust and make friendships you’ll treasure forever.

Learn How to Slow Down – so you can be in the present moment, appreciate the beauty around you and know you are worthy of self-reflection and deep relaxation.

Connect with Your Body’s Unique Sensual Rhythm – so you can release tension, stress, and feel renewed and joyful.

To be immersed in your own remarkable and unique essence. We’re all worthy of self-love and reverence-especially you!

CORBETT. Crisp air. Yoga. Run. Hike. Tea. Sumptuous food. Got the idea? You are going to be with Vikaas, in the Himalaya, and its going to be anything but regular. India's most exclusive retreat with structured workouts, learning sessions about your body and its ever-changing nutritional requirements and a peak into the life in the Himalaya.

All this while staying, for 5 night & 6 days, at a truly authentic boutique hotel in Uttarakhand hills/foothills. You will come back with a fitter body, a customized eating and exercise plan and an inner calm that only Himalaya can give.

That’s right, 6 wonderful days just for you, in the beautiful surroundings of Corbet National Park, the perfect place to spend a week:

Mastering transformational mindfulness techniques that will help you to unshackle yourself from the pressures of daily life

Cultivating practices that will help you to confidently evolve into the vibrant authentic being that you really are and away from a person defined by roles, titles and history

Developing a simple self-compassion ritual that will have you dropping the guilt and finally believing that you’re already more than enough for the important people in your life

Delving into yoga practices that will allow you to uncover deep, innate reserves of joy and contentment, accessible at any time, and ready to be shared with the world!

Revelling in your newfound ability to tap into your intuition, learning how to trust that your intuition will guide you to exactly where you need to be

Yes. This is YOUR time. Your time to shine.

This unmissable and one-of-a-kind retreat was designed with you in mind, to combine a deeply transformational experience with a life – expanding travel opportunity that will stay with you for a lifetime.

There is something special about the laid-back atmosphere of the Corbett forest that will instantly calm and ground you. Away from the never-ending chaos of the daily grind, surrounded by nature, you will be feeling full of life in no time at all.

This looks incredible...

Normal price: ₹75,000

Your price: ₹50,000 (for a limited time)

- Learn the secrets of loving kindness meditations, that will have you looking at difficult people and difficult situations in a whole new light
- Uncover the power of silence to help you build inner strength and resilience
- And explore my most favourite deep relaxation exercise, designed to access your deepest brainwaves, allowing you to rest and restore like never before.

You’ll leave our retreat with:

- A regular mindfulness practice that will keep you on an even keel in even the most challenging situations
- The skills to confidently create a flourishing life, for now and for ever
- The belief that you really are more than enough; no, you’re top-notch, fabulous and absolutely perfect just the way you are

And we’ll answer all your questions on:

- How to incorporate yoga into your daily life
- How to be kinder and more self-compassionate to yourself, without feeling as though you’re being selfish
- How to trust your intuition and why it’s so damn important!
- Strategies to keep you from sliding back into old habits

Your Host ~ Vikaas Kausshik

Hey there, I’m Vikaas – your guide to living your most fabulous life.

Up until about 10 years back, I thought I was doing everything right. I had a degree, I’d travelled, I was working and making good money. I had a great social life, and had even become a dad to two wonderful dogs.

But it wasn’t working. I felt trapped. I was tired, aching, stressed, worried... I wasn’t good enough. I could see I was on a path to becoming unwell, but I had no idea what to do about it.

In desperation, and after a lot of resistance, I took up yoga. Within weeks, I’d lost the tension in my neck and jaw. I began to notice other benefits – more energy, less stress. My confidence improved, and I stopped second-guessing all my decisions. Suffice to say – I was hooked.

Fast-forward just 3 year after my first class and I’d quit my job and set up my own business! How’s that for transformational?!

Less than a decade later, I’m running successful programs, courses and retreats helping hundreds of other stressed-out professionals to reclaim their own inner fabulousness and zest for life! Why not join me, and transform your own life?

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