As leader in professional training we provide innovative learning and development solutions, covering multiple areas and industries, tailored to meet your needs. Our courses are delivered in both face-to-face and eLearning environments, ensuring training objectives are achieved no matter where you are.

In our fast-paced world, it is essential to keep up to speed with developments in skills required to excel at the workplace. Individuals and businesses who are given proper training and support in their professional development are likely to be more motivated with an advanced knowledge base leading to an increase in overall productivity.

We have a proven track record of delivering public, in-house, virtual learning and blended learning for the some of the top institutes and organisations.

Utilising subject matter experts, our training moves beyond theory, giving you valuable real-world insights. As a result, you can trust us to provide high-quality, consistent training and development – anywhere in the world.

For Students:

  • Self-awareness; Gaps between current-self and desired-self; Core Values; My USP
  • Beliefs underlying my behaviour; changing the limiting or self-defeating beliefs/mental blocks
  • Making smarter Decisions in career and life; Managing “what others say/think” (parental/peer pressure)
  • Confidence-building, getting out of the comfort zone, overcoming shyness
  • Eliminating the fear of speaking in front of people (interviews, presentation, senior people, etc.)
  • Empathy-building and understanding others’ perspectives; Managing Anger/Impulse
  • Stress Management & practical ways of increasing one’s Emotional Intelligence
  • Working in teams, being an effective team-player
  • Managing and leading a team; standing out in a crowd
  • Preparing for the next phase (college life or work-life)
    • Advanced interview preparation/techniques
    • Making a strong impact in the Group Discussions
    • Powerful presentation-skills in front of an audience

For Corporates:

Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma Training

What is Six Sigma?

Nothing but the compilation of world's best tried and tested techniques used to bring business/ process improvements. It is a management methodology that uses a structured approach which has helped organisations world over to reduce cycle time, increase productivity and improve quality and delivery of processes. Six Sigma helps a professional approach a problem (or "defect") in a data driven, structured and systematic manner that ensures success.

What Is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma certification is a confirmation of an individual’s capabilities with respect to specific competencies. Just like any other quality certification, however, it does not indicate that an individual is capable of unlimited process improvement – just that they have completed the necessary requirements from the company granting the certification.

What Is Involved In Six Sigma Certification?

As with attaining a driver’s license in the United States, Six Sigma certification entails learning the appropriate subject matter, passing a written proficiency test.

Should I Get Six Sigma Certified?

The reasons for certification are the same for any other certification:
  • to display proficiency in the subject matter
  • to increase desirability by employers
  • to potentially increase your salary
Ultimately, certification is a professional decision that can only be made by you.

Business Analytics Training

Business Analytics Training
You'll learn the basic concepts of data analysis and statistics, helping promote data-driven decision making. You will also become trained to better visually represent and present your data analysis findings. Your new knowledge of these commonly used tools combined with official business analytics certification is guaranteed to ensure career success. The benefits of Business Analytics is widespread across all industries and functions, including Information Technology, Web/E-commerce, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Banking and Insurance, Biotechnology, Human Resource Management. Some of the application areas include critical product analysis, target marketing, customer lifecycle management, customer service, social media behaviour and link analysis, fraud detection, genetic research, inventory management, etc. Below a list of a few Business Analytics roles across industries:
  • - Data Analyst
  • - Business Analyst
  • - Finance Analyst
  • - Marketing Analytics Manager
  • - Pricing Analyst
  • - Supply Chain Analyst
  • - Website Analyst
  • - Fraud Analyst
  • - Retail Sales Analyst
  • - Clinical Analyst

Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship Training

Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training
When you think of a balanced professional life, you need to blend your hard and soft skills in a compatible proportion. Companies today look out for candidates with excellent soft skills, as this is a decisive factor in the ability to perform in today's workplaces. So, a candidate who understands the importance of soft skills and has undergone a training has greater job prospects in the present job market.

Benefits of soft skills workshops

Better communication strategies:

Communication strategy with co-workers, subordinates, clients, investors, partners and other people is crucial for business. Soft skill training includes development of good communication skills and you can apply these skills in your professional circle for an enhanced interpersonal relationship.

Presentation Skills:

Those in the customer-facing roles, need to be good at preparing & presenting corporate and product details to others. Hence presentation skills are most required and can help professionals better.


Leadership & interpersonal skills matter a lot when it comes to teamwork. You need to be a good motivator, who can get things going within a team with ease and lucidity.

Stress management:

This is a vital soft skill that every individual needs to imbibe.

Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training

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