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L & D Solutions for Corporates

Our approach has evolved from training to facilitation...


Facilitation can add value is absolutely contextual.

Yet my take is - In every situation.

Where there is a possibility of conversation facilitation would work.

Why facilitation

It is inclusive and everyone from the group feels honored, engaged, connected and has a chance to be heard.

Everyone's opinion thoughts are respected and considered before the group goes in convergence mode.

A group synergy invites the spirit of oneness and guides the group in their journey to achieve relevant outcomes.


By using well defined conversational and group processes which would bring about diverse perspective ( Divergence) on the table for everyone to ponder on and then collectively using appropriate process  (convergence) to reach meaningful outcomes.

  • While keeping an eye on what is emerging during the process and going with the flow!
  • Asking questions that would help participants to go deep inside to come up with the relevant answer.


Person who is aware of and trained in basic facilitation skills may be able to hold the space and process for the participants using a variety of processes which can lead to achieving meaningful outcomes for the group.


Customised Training Solutions

At ASK we recognize the value and importance of training that meets your specific needs in relation to content, time, delivery method, and learning outcomes. An effective learning solution may not exist that meets your needs to ensure the transfer of specific skills or knowledge, or you may need your workforce to learn information and skills that are pertinent only to your institution/organization.

We design new learning solutions using your proprietary information while respecting the confidential nature of the content. Our approach adheres to adult learning principles and instructional design methodologies to develop a solution that results in a timely and accurate program that addresses your organization’s learning needs. We can also help to enhance your existing training materials to incorporate new content, skills, strategies, and methods of delivery to reflect changes in your environment.

Few workshops that we have delivered:

  • The Art of Getting a ‘YES’ – Pre-suasion techniques
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Flagship – New Manager Leadership Bootcamp
  • Six Sigma – Yellow, Green Belt
  • Leadership Skills for different tiers of the organization
  • Growth Mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Campus to Corporates for new-joinees
  • Driving Turnarounds
  • Stress Management
  • Team Management


Interested in any of the above workshops or want us to design a workshop for you ???