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Why People Hire Consultants

There are three main reasons people decide to bring in outside advice:

  1. They are simply unable to figure it out or get to their desired state on their own.
  2. They have a general idea, but they want to get there faster.
  3. They want to save time and effort by following an efficient, proven system.


1. They can’t get there on their own.

Someone might have their current situation and they might have their desired situation, and they have already tried very hard to get there on their own, but it’s just not working out.

Let’s say they are trying to lose weight. They go to the gym. They try different diets. They buy different running shoes. They try different things. They just can’t seem to get it right.

They tried and they failed, but they know it’s possible and they know other people have done it, and they just need to find that missing link.

2. They want to get there faster.

People want to achieve things as quickly as possible. Really smart people also understand specialization, and that if they try to learn something from scratch, they are going to learn it significantly more slowly than having an expert teach it to them.

If I’m trying to launch my first business, I’m going to make mistakes and do things inefficiently, slowing down my progress and increasing the time it takes to reach my goals. That’s an unavoidable reality as someone with no experience.

But I’m not the only person on the planet. There are other people who have built successful businesses before, made the mistakes I will likely make, and learned how to do things efficiently. With their help, I can skip a lot of the biggest potholes and get to my desired state much faster.

3. They want a proven system to reach their goal.

Some people simply don’t have time to guess or experiment. They want results and they want them now, and they know the ONLY way to achieve maximum efficiency is to follow a proven system from someone who has already accomplished exactly what they wish to accomplish.

Want to lose 50 pounds in six months? Well, I’m going to go find someone who lost 50 pounds in six months and I am going to do exactly what they did.

Want to build a 7-figure consulting business in one year? Well, I’m going to go find someone who built a 7-figure consulting business in one year and do exactly what they did.

This desire for a proven system from someone who has “been there, done that” has created thousands of highly successful businesses, and it’s the reason virtually anyone who has achieved something of note can create a business selling that expertise to those wanting to follow in their footsteps.

Do you find yourself in any such situation?