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Unleash the Power Within

Decide now for your future

Interest in Motivational Training has significantly grown in recent years, due to its benefits and results. The level of our personal motivation, indeed, has a big  impact on our quality of life. In many cases, we are not able to live as we want to, and we strive beyond imagination, uselessly trying to concretise what we really desire. That’s  because we are not sufficiently conscious about the enormous and infinite potential, which is profoundly hidden in ourselves.

Motivational Training, with its Indian blueprint, puts the focus on your self-empowerment, i.e. on our capability to reinforce our inner resources, by applying tools and strategies  that allow us to clearly and consciously define ambitious professional and personal goals.

Motivational Training is an investment chosen by more and more companies

Business leaders and managers have understood the strategic value of Motivational Training and the strong link between success and a positive mental approach, which looks at solutions,  not problems. The competitiveness of each single company is destined to grow, when the human resources are skilled and able to apply an efficient motivational system, based on ongoing  research, continuous improvement, effective training and education values and the definition of clear targets.


Here are the basic areas of your life: take a little time and assign to each of them a score  (from 0 to 10), which expresses the level of satisfaction you’ve got, today.

  • RELATIONSHIPS .................
  • WORK/CAREER....................
  • FINANCES ............................
  • TIME... ..................................
  • WELL BEING ........................

Please ask yourself: WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE IN  5 YEARS ?






7steps - Vikaas’ Results System

  1. AWARENESS: define your strenghts  and weaknesses to improve in.
  2. CLARITY: what do you love or hate  in life?
  3. ENTHUSIASM: nourish your enthusiasm, setting no boundaries for your dreams and paying attention to everything you wish to  do, to be, share, learn and live.
  4. FOCUS: among all your goals, which  are your priorities?
  5. COMMITMENT: what are the reasons  that - at all costs - will move you  toward your goals?
  6. STRATEGY: verify the consistency of your actions, in relation with the  goals you’ve defined.
  7. MOMENTUM: discover the power of  NOW !

Vikaas' Result System - The Three E3

In 8 years of experience, Vikaas has created a system of total immersion that produces education, strategies, and momentum for measurable and lasting change.

Education: Unleash the Power Within is a weekend event with powerful results, that has impacted the lives of many people. Vikaas brings neuro- linguistic programming (NLP) Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) techniques which enables you to transform negative experiences in order to condition yourself to success.

Empowerment: The Experience will help you discover your inner, fundamental power. You’ll reach the capacity to harness your emotion of fear and feelings of being overwhelmed and limited, by turning them into a drive for focused, clear and positive action.

Entertainment: Music, activities, fun! You’ll be living a memorable event, full of amusement and happy moments. You’ll discover and learn how to tap into your greatest passions. You’ll make fundamental decisions, build a plan for your life and begin to act upon it, while creating strategies for sustained momentum.

2 memorable days, to teach you how to:

DAY 1 – Session 1 & Session 2 - Transform you limitations into power

  • Activate the driving force that moves you to action.
  • Move through limitations toward the resourcefulness that all great leaders, entrepreneurs and top athletes tap into.
  • Find the psychological state of strength and activate the emotional fitness to overcome barriers that stand in the way of your professional and personal success.
  • Instantly place yourself in peak emotional, mental and physical states.
  • Achieve tremendous gains in facing and conquering barriers and fears that might be holding you back from achieving unstoppable momentum.

DAY 1 – Session 2 & DAY 2 – Session 1 - The Power of success conditioning

  • Create a life of your design by using breakthrough technologies such as the Science of Momentum & the 3 Steps to Lasting Change.
  • Unleash the power of unconscious rapport and learn how to connect with anyone in your personal and professional life.
  • Inspire those around you to consistently perform at peak levels.
  • Develop strategies to better understand and influence people.
  • Identify and replace limiting beliefs to gain sustainable results

DAY 2 – Session 2 - The Power of Pure Health & Energy

  • Get lasting results, by dramatically increasing energy and vibrance
  • Renewed passion in your relationships
  • Work for a stronger system and improved overall health

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