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Lead to Inspire – Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Who is more likely to succeed?

A manager that shouts and criticizes his or her team when under stress.


A leader that is in control and calmly assesses the situation.


It’s pretty clear which leader is more likely to be an effective one, and emotional intelligence is the reason why. With greater emotional intelligence comes greater ability to effectively manage, lead, inspire, motivate, and influence others.

How Does Emotional Intelligence Affect Leadership?

According to emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence (abbreviated as either EI or EQ [emotional quotient]) is made up of four distinct but complementary components:

  • Self Awareness: recognition of one’s own emotions
  • Social Awareness: recognition of others’ emotions
  • Self Management: ability to manage one’s emotions
  • Social Skills: an ability to influence and manage others’ emotions

These four components make up a good outline of exactly what a leader needs: to be self-aware, to be aware of the moods and emotions of others, to be able to control and manage his own emotions and to influence and manage the emotions of those he or she is leading.

Two Days Intensive Workshop

Lead to Inspire – Emotional Intelligence Workshop