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Doing What Matters in Times of Stress


You are registering for a 2 hour webinar on Stress Management.

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The Webinar is scheduled for 8th September, 2020 (3 pm to 5 pm).


If you are experiencing stress, you are not alone.

Right now, there are many other people in your community and all around the world who are also struggling with stress.

We will help you to learn practical skills for dealing with stress.

Enjoy your journey of learning how to do what matters in times of stress!


This webinar will teach you the secret to creating balance in your busy life so that you can avoid burnout and have the time and energy to spend on what you love, rather than on stress and worry!

You will learn my signature method for managing stress and avoiding burnout, including ways to identify sneaky, covert stressors and tips for proactively lowering your stress before you wind up in a state of overwhelm.